Career Exploration

Resources - Free self-assessments to better understand your interests and skills. Results of the assessments are used to match to related careers. Explore job families to find related occupations within specific areas of interest. Budgeting tools to learn how much you will need to make for the lifestyle you want to have. - Search and explore occupations by outlook, discipline, family, interests, etc. - Free self-assessments that result in careers that match interests, skills, and values. Search and compare occupations. Set career goals with the help of SMART goals. - Free interest assessment that links you to careers and other information. - Occupational outlook handbook where you can explore careers by pay, education needed, on the job training needed, projected job outlook, and projected growth rate. - Resource for college and career exploration. - Video interviews of professionals in varying fields, that explores individuals journeys into their career. Input your interests to get connected to biographies of individuals with similar interests. Search for job opportunities. Compare job salaries in the area to the national average. Explore typical interview questions asked for specific jobs. (Need to create an account to access more information)