Course Selection

Academic Course Change Procedure

Changes in student schedules will take place during the first two weeks of school. These changes will only be made for students with scheduling errors (i.e. missing class periods, academic misplacement, or graduation deficiency).  Schedule change requests based on a preferred teacher and/or period changes will not be granted. Students may request a class change if they feel their final schedule does not meet their academic goals. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, (which should be discussed with the student's counselor) no student schedules will be changed after the second week of school.

Mid-Year Academic Course Changes

1. As soon as a student is struggling in a core subject area, the parent and student should contact the instructor.

2. Parent, student, and instructor will communicate to come up with strategies that offer steps for success.

3. Student must have completed all assignments which have been assigned.

4. Students must have met repeatedly with the instructor throughout the semester for extra assistance.

5. If all the steps above have been completed, the teacher, parent and counselor may collectively authorize an academic core change at semester.