Discovering the world, one lesson at a time.

Technology High School students will demonstrate:

Personal Integrity

Students handle themselves with confidence and act with intellectual courage. They commit to their beliefs and are willing to assume leadership roles. They demonstrate cooperative and positive working relationships across diverse groups, share responsibilities, accept advice and supervision, and are open-minded to different points of view.

Citizenship and Global Responsibility

Students know how to analyze the world using multiple sources. They recognize the many facets of society and deliberately consider their role in it. They are aware of their responsibilities and the long-term effects of their actions in a global community.

Reflective Learning

Students excel at making critical observations about their own experiences and the experiences of others. They can formulate meaningful and insightful questions that inspire and encourage further exploration. They consistently take charge of their education and actively seek out answers to their own questions. 

Critical Thinking

Students recognize and analyze problems from multiple perspectives. They identify, locate, and organize information. They propose, evaluate, and use a variety of strategies, tools, and skills to produce solutions. They are comfortable taking risks and they are creative and flexible in their approach to solving problems.

Effective Communication

Students understand principles of effective communication and use precise academic language. They articulately, effectively, and persuasively communicate orally, visually, and in writing to a wide range of audiences in a variety of ways. They listen with understanding and empathy. They thoughtfully follow instructions.