Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Tech High students take college courses?

Yes. Protocols with SRJC have been developed that allow students to enroll in many college classes.

2. How can parents get involved?

Parents can join and participate in PTSA and School Site Council; drive on field trips, serve as mentors, chaperone school events, attend Back to School and Parent Night meetings.

3. Does Tech High have Honors courses?

The Tech High curriculum is written to conform with A-G requirements for the University of California. Some upper division courses receive honors designation as do many of the college courses taken by Tech High students.

4. How many teachers and students are at Tech High?

Currently, we have approximately 350 students and 16 teachers.

5. What kind of field trips are there?

Field Trips in the past have been to the Golden Gate Bridge, the Buck Institute, Crane Creek, De Young Museum, Robotics Competiton, etc.

Field trips are designed to supplement the Tech High curriculum.

6. What art classes are available?

Band, Choir, Digital Film, Digital Photography, Drama, and yearbook.

7. Can students apply and enroll in Tech High as a Sophomore, Junior, or Senior?


8. Are there AP classes at Tech High?

Yes.  AP Statistics, AP Calculus, AP English, AP Government, AP Econ, AP Physics, AP Chemistry, AP Biology, AP Computer Science Principles, AP Spanish, and AP US History.

9. Have companies promised to hire students?

No. However, students will experience work-based learning opportunities that may lead to the hiring of students. It is our intention develop job-shadowing and internship opportunities.

10. Are there additional out-of-pockets expenses for field trips, etc.?

Students may be charged a nominal fee for field trips. Opportunities to raise funding are made available to students.

11. Is there a minimum age for students to receive credit from SRJC?

Students may receive high school credit for college courses once they have entered 9th grade. Students may choose to have the courses meet graduation requirements or use as college credit but not both.

12. What clubs and activities are offered at Tech High?

Clubs and activities are developed based on student interest and needs.  Current clubs include Art Club, ASB, Chess Club, Drama Club, Debate Club, Math Club, Medical Club, Interact Club, Sustainability Club, and Robotics.

13. Does Tech High have an Associated Student Body (student government)?

Yes. Tech High has an active student body government and elected officers.

14. Where will I eat and/ or buy lunch?

At the Tech High cafeteria or a local business.

15. Do students have a choice of electives at Tech High?

Yes, current electives include Band, Choir, Digital Film, Digital Photography, Drama, Robotics, The constraints of the academic schedule determine which electives are available to students. 

16. Can Tech High students take music or band?

Yes, students can enroll in Band at Tech High or zero period Marching/Concert Band at Rancho Cotate as long as there are no scheduling conflicts. There are also other music options for students at SSU and SRJC.

17. Can Tech High students go to dances at RCHS?

Yes, there is a process for allowing students to attend Homecoming and Prom at RCHS. Tech High also has its own dances, Homecoming and Prom.