UC/CSU Entrance Requirements

UC/CSU Entrance Requirements

CSU Minimum Admissions Requirements

For the specific minimum requirements for entrance as FRESHMEN into the California State University and University of California system. The A-G requirements outline each subject area and associated high school course to be taken in high school. Students must earn a "C" grade or better for each course requirement in order to be minimally eligible for a four-year college immediately following high school.

UC Minimum Admissions Requirements

Here is the UC / CSU minimum admissions requirements Matrix:
UC/CSU A-G Matrix

A student applying for admission as a freshman to the University of California or California State University must have completed a minimum of fifteen units of high school work during grades 9 through 12, at least eleven units in the last two years of high school. (A one-year high school course is equal to one unit; a one-semester high school course is equal to one-half unit). Fifteen of these required units must have been earned in academic or college
preparatory courses, as specified and defined in the above University of California link. Students must have a 3.0 GPA by the end of 11th grade and complete all college prep classes with a "C" or better grade.

Link for the complete UC Application Guide for High School Students

Collegiate Entrance Exam Requirements

Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT Reasoning) or American College Test (ACT I) are referenced in all collegiate applications. To register for the SAT, please sign up online at SAT Registration. to register for the ACT, please sign up online at www.actstudent.org. Colleges accept both exams; however, some colleges may prefer one over the other so make sure you look into your college of choice to see if they have preference.  It is recommended that students take one and/or both of the above mentioned exams, during the spring semester of their junior year and again in the fall of their senior year.

If a student is planning on attending the University of California in some majors, an SAT II subject matter exam may be required. In 2012 this requirement became optional so you need to check regulations with your college of choice and applicable major area of study.

For all questions pertaining to collegiate preparation including these entrance exams, please see the counselor at Technology High School.