THS Courses that meet the UC/CSU

THS Courses that meet the UC/CSU "a-g" Requirements

The FOUR YEAR PLAN for accumulating credit during high school and how this aligns with a-g requirements:

Students taking 7 classes daily for 4 years will complete a total of 28 classes. Students must successfully complete a minimum of 22 classes to graduate from THS.

Of the 22 to 28 courses taken in high school, students must complete 15 or more of these in identified subjects meeting "a-g" qualifications, earning a C or better.

Technology High School Courses 9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 12 Grade
Science* (D and G) 4 Years Required Integrated Science (G) Biology/AP Biology (D) Chemistry/AP Chemistry (D) Chemistry/AP Chemistry (D)
      Physics/AP Physics (D) Physics/AP Physics (D)
Engineering* (D and G) 3 Years Required PLTW Principals of Engineering (G) PLTW Environmental Engineering (D) PLTW Design and Development (G)  
English* 4 (B) 4 Years Required English 9 English 10 English 11/AP Language and Composition Expository Reading Writing and Composition/ AP Literature
History* (A) 4 Years Required   World History US History/AP US History Government/ AP US Government
        Economics/ AP Macro Economics (G)
Not Grade Specific        
Math 3 Years Required for Graduation (C) Typical progression shown Algebra/Geometry Geometry/Algebra II Algebra II/Accelerated Algebra II/Pre-Calculus/AP Calculus/ AP Statistics Algebra II/Accelerated Algebra II/Pre-Calculus/AP Calculus/ AP Statistics
Foreign Language (E) Spanish I Spanish II Spanish III AP Spanish IV
Visual and Performing Arts (F) Band Choir Drama Digital Film
  Digital Photography Digital Photography and Yearbook    
Other Electives (G) Leadership/ASB AP Computer Science Principals Robotics  
UC/CSU A-G approved classes indicated ()    
* Required Courses for THS